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Mary Josephs on Jul 22, 2014 07:52AM

No Need To Envy Tax-Inversion Takeovers: Better Tax Deal Awaits

Watching big pharmaceutical companies and other major U.S. corporations line up to make foreign acquisitions that will bring them a low-tax haven as headquarters, a middle market CEO/owner/entrepreneur could easily become jealous. Are you feeling stuck with an effective tax rate of 25%, 30% or even 35%?

Dan Matthews on Jul 24, 2014 03:33AM

Why isn't inheritance tax 100%?

You could argue inheritance tax (IHT) is the fairest of the lot, because the people who pay don’t need it any more. So why is it the most controversial tax of all – and why are people so against paying it?

John Rampton on Jul 24, 2014 03:00AM

5 Unusual Marketing Ideas for Startups

Why waste your time with your one more marketing guide? You already know the basics. And you’ve probably heard the advice a million times; create a mission statement, find your audience, create awesome content and promote. While there’s definitely more to it than that, you get the jest. What your startup really needs are some innovative marketing ideas that will set you apart from competitors and make customers come to you. That may sound easier said than done, but you’ll be off and running after you go over these 5 unusual marketing ideas for startups.   1. Make a Strange Bedfellow  You’ve probably heard that once upon a time M&M’s were offered a starring role in E.T. The offer was turned down, so the film went with Reese’s Pieces instead. While that hiccup didn’t remove M&M’s from grocery store shelves, it did help make Reese’s Pieces an extremely popular candy. The idea here is that it’s not going to hurt your startup by teaming up with an unexpected partner or place to promote it. It could be something as easy as showing off your product in a video - think Snoop Dogg wearing Tommy Hilfiger in the 90s’ - to delivering beer to fans at the OppiKoppi Festival in South Africa via drones. In either case, you’ll be tapping into a different audience.

Julie Meyer on Jul 24, 2014 01:46AM

A Winning Strategy for Growth Companies. A Fight-Back Strategy for Established Goliaths.

Innovators and entrepreneurs aren’t normally in the business of sharing their intellectual property. What then was Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla, up to when he announced that Tesla won’t initiate patent lawsuits against companies who want to use their technology.  This conscious decision to open up the patents that his firm invested millions into is a perfect illustration of what I call Ecosystem Economics.   Musk and co know that driving the economics for the ecosystem of the electric car market is the most important thing.   By being altruistic and business savvy, he’s going to cause his emerging industry to explode, and as a first mover, he’ll benefit massively.   Our children will be talking about this move in 300 years.

Maseena Ziegler on Jul 24, 2014 12:46AM

The Most Powerful F Word In Leadership

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When the going gets tough, what keeps a true leader going?   No one can deny that we are living in challenging times. The events of this past week alone has been heartrending and particularly trying for even the strongest or most fair-minded. Though not to the same extent, many businesses and organizations



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